WordPress Development

X Theme: I build all WordPress websites with X Theme by Themeco.

X gives you the best of both worlds, beautiful templates AND complete freedom to design a completely custom website from scratch. No designer-imposed limitations here!

X Theme has no recurring fees, tremendous value with tons of built-in functionality, including Cornerstone (the best drag and drop front-end page builder–in my honest opinion), and the best support and community I’ve ever seen.

X Pro is Themeco’s latest creation. Exceptionally powerful, the possibilities are mind-boggling, however, it is geared to a more experienced developer. But if you’re feeling ambitious, dive right in!

Siteground Web Hosting: I highly recommend Siteground. None of the other hosts I’ve worked with have come close to Siteground in terms of support and ease of use. With extras thrown in like easy, free SSL security certificates, they quickly surpass the others in terms of value as well.

X Theme Resources & Support

Facebook Community–X Theme / X Pro Users: Fantastic private Facebook group with over twelve thousand members. From brand-new users to seasoned developers, everyone is very supportive and happily shares what they know.

Website Showcase: X in the real world. A regularly updated showcase of websites built with X Theme. Great source for inspiration and ideas.

X Theme Users: User-built and managed website with tips, tutorials, code snippets and a website showcase.

X Theme Tips: Anonther website full of useful tips and insights, written by two developers who are very active in the X community.

Make your website super speedy

WP Speed Guru: Video tutorial course on exactly what you need to do to speed up your website, and how to do it. This course has no fluff, just ridiculously helpful and easy to follow video tutorials. I’ve had some amazing results speeding up websites using these tutorials.

Tiny PNG: A free tool for optimizing and compressing images before loading them into your WordPress website. I use this on every single one of my images to keep my websites speedy.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp: MailChimp is my go-to for anyone starting an email list. There’s a reason MailChimp is so popular; it’s free, provides amazing support, and integrates with pretty much everyone.

MailChimp For WordPress Plugin: This plugin makes it super easy to add new MailChimp forms to accommodate your email opt-ins and incentives. Subscribe new users to one (or multiple lists), tag and segment subscribers and collect all of the data you could ever need / want. The Pro version allows you to create unlimited forms, easily style your forms, integrate with WooCommerce, and more.

Chimp Essentials by Paul Jarvis: MailChimp easily holds its own against the more expensive marketing platforms (i.e. Convertkit); you just have to know how to use it. Paul Jarvis’ course teaches you exactly how to master MailChimp’s powerful tools to manage every aspect of your online business. This course completely changed how I run my business.