You KNOW your books are 'one-click' worthy; I help readers and your future book purchasers see that too, with beautifully designed, strategic websites.

Ready to level up?

You know people will love your book, if they'd only actually read it.

Maybe your DIY website was good enough as a starting point, but now you're stuck...

Or your website isn't regularly attracting new readers and you can't remember the last time someone bought your book unprompted...

Or maybe you just know your books (and you!) are so much better than this.

I can help. Imagine...

That rush of pride and excitement every time someone says they visited your website to find out about your upcoming new release...

Having oodles more time to actually write or spend with family because your website makes the business side of being an author So. Much. Easier...

New readers and book lovers are finding YOU. Easily. Without all the hustle and overwork.

That's what I do.

I HELP passionate and driven authors and book bloggers, just like you, build the online home you know you want (need!), but don’t know how to get.

I design and build author websites that are:

Beautiful, custom-designed and flawlessly built, perfectly designed to attract new audiences AND support your business goals. You'll want to shout your URL from the rooftops!

Audience-gathering, list building powerhouses, attracting your ideal reader and turning them into raving fans (and paying customers!)

Stress-free. I take care of all of the tech stuff for you–from set up to backup, and everything in between. Need to finally get that email newsletter set up or host a webinar? I've got you.

Fast, responsive and nimble; your website will impress your readers and fans wherever they find you: on their phone, tablet or computer.

Google-friendly and built with SEO best practices in mind, so the people who need and WANT your books can actually find you.

Built to slay on social media. The best website in the world will fall flat if you don't promote it. Together we create and implement an easy, low-maintenance social media strategy to help you continue building your ideal audience.

And launching your website is just the start. To make your online business a success, you need an action plan, and consistent, strategic effort after the launch to achieve the success you deserve.

We'll build that plan together. Post-launch, you'll know exactly what you need to do to keep building your readership and growing an audience of avid readers clamoring for your next release.

Custom Website Packages starting at $3495

Timeline: Website Launch is generally 4-8 weeks from start to finish.

"Sara goes above and beyond like no other, and she GETS IT. You HAVE to hire Sara!!! She will help your business achieve the success you deserve. I had a terrible Wix website that was doing nothing for me, and no real branding or strategy in place. Initially I was just looking for a new website.

What I got instead was a gorgeous website that I receive compliments on all the time, PLUS beautiful branding that feels like ME, strategy focus and a wise angel-in-the-wings! I gained an engaged mailing list within the first month of launching, a lovely Instagram feed due to Sara’s branding help and coaching and I successfully launched my very first solo e-course." Sara, knowing I have you rooting for me and carrying my best interests at heart has made all the difference in my business... and life!

Brandie Hadfield, Dream With Brandie Hadfield


Hi, I'm Sara.

Your book-obsessed, literature-loving web designer. Reading for me is almost as critical as breathing (almost) and you'll generally find me forgoing sleep in order to finish just One. More. Chapter.

I help authors and book bloggers, just like you, make the world a friendlier place by creating websites that help them reach new readers, sell more books and build a community of like-minded book lovers.

Together we'll build a website that acts as your favorite employee, building new audiences, promoting your books 24/7 and taking the grunt work out of the business of selling books.

You'll look like the professional author you are, while freeing up time to do the things you love, like...writing.

The Journey–From Start to Finish

What is it like to work with me?

I have a very hands-on, strategy-first approach. I appreciate (and love to build) beautiful designs, but if your website isn't designed first to support your goals, then all you get is just another brick pretty page on the web.

We want a powerhouse website that is built to help you CRUSH your book and business goals.

I work closely with you–and any supportive creators you choose–to deliver a website that you'll love, and (more importantly), a website that your readers will swoon over.

Weeks 1 to 2
You'll complete some homework so I'll know what you like and what your goals are.
Weeks 3 to 4
I'll start work on the web design and you'll gather content.
Weeks 5 to 6
You'll approve the design and I'll add content to the website.
Weeks 7 to 8
I'll complete website development, you'll approve the site, and then we launch!

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""Do it. Hire Sara. You won't regret it. Watching our website become what our particular skill-sets did not allow was a thing of pride and beauty as our ideas were transformed into a website that was exactly what we had envisioned. Now that we are up and running, absorbing all the "Wows!" and positive feedback from people viewing our website, we feel so proud of our accomplishment that includes Sara's hard work, 100%!.

Amy Daniels,